When I click ‘Restore Purchases’ button which purchases should I expect to be restored?

Instapuzzle offers a couple of types of in-app purchase including limited hint packs (eg. packs of 20, 50 or 100 hints) and an unlimited hint pack.

The limited hint packs are consumable meaning you can purchase them an infinite amount to increase your hint tally. Each time you use a hint your tally decreases and when your hints are exhausted you'll need to purchase another pack to obtain more.

The unlimited hint pack purchase are non-consumable. These purchases are recorded against your Apple ID. When you delete the app, or install it on a new phone your can tap 'Restore Purchases' to re-enable this feature. How cool is that?

A banner appears across 'My Photos', 'My Friends' Photos' or 'Photos I've Liked' disabling play

We poll your Instagram account to download a list of your photos, your friends' photos and photos that you've liked. If Instagram tells us that either of these sets are empty we roll a little banner across the respective tile on the main menu disabling play in this section. To rectify this simply go into Instagram and either take some pics, follow some peeps or like some pics! Easy right?!

If you believe the banner is appearing in error (ie. you know for certain that you've taken an Instagram but the 'Your Photos' section is disabled') simply flip up to 'Game Settings' (the charcoal tile on the Instapuzzle main menu) and then scroll down to 'Sign out of Instagram'. This will take you back to the initial screen and will ask you to login again. Don't freak out - all your High Score and Game Stat info is safe and will not be trashed! Simply login again and all you access problems should be solved! Woop!

Why can’t I play Instapuzzle offline?

Instapuzzle relies on Instagram for your feed of photos. Without the Internet we can't talk to Instagram! Never fear - if you're in dying need to play Instapuzzle and find yourself without Internet access (ie. on an airplane) just fire up the app. We've built a cool offline mode with a few really awesome puzzles based on pics our co-founders have snapped on their travels. You're welcome! :)

This is the best support page ever but you haven't answered my question or solved my issue

Ah dang. So you've got a query or have a problem that we haven't answered here?! That's cool - simply drop us a line at "support at instapuzzle dot com" and we'll pull one of our super friendly lab rats off the spinny wheel and get them over to a keyboard to help you out. If email isn't your thing you can always hit us up on Twitter at @instapuzzleapp or on Facebook at /instapuzzleapp.

Does Instapuzzle support iOS7?

The current version (v. 1.2) has been updated to work flawlessly on iOS 7. Previous version of Instapuzzle had some issues on iOS 7 so if you've upgraded to Apple's new hotness make sure you're running the latest (v 1.2) version of Instapuzzle.

I have purchased unlimited hints and Instapuzzle crashes on startup - what's the go?

We had an issue with version 1.1 of Instapuzzle that affected users that had purchased unlimited hints. An update released on August 27th (version 1.1.1) provides a fix. If you're expereiencing the crash, simply head to the App Store and update your app!