Instapuzzle the numbers

We're pretty excited, over 50,000 puzzles have been played in Instapuzzle. To celebrate the achievement we put together a infographic showcasing some key stats.

Thanks for all your support, and as always... Keep on puzzling!

Welcome Instapuzzle version 1.1 to the App Store

Next time you're browsing your favourite App Store you might be in for a nice surprise. That's right, Instapuzzle has been updated with a shiny new feature!

In this release we're introducing a  new way to play. You've asked for it and we've delivered. You can now puzzle the Instagram popular pics to your heart's content. To play simply scroll to the 'Popular' tile on the home screen. Boom!

Update now via the App Store.



Launch day, party time. Excellent!

Yep, you heard right. Instapuzzle is now available on the App Store! Do not pass go, do not collect $200 go straight to the store and grab yourself a copy! It's FREE!

As you know by now Instapuzzle turns your carefully crafted Instagrams into super fun puzzles. You can play with your photos, your friends photos' and even photos that you've liked. Don't forget to check out the cool feature - it's packed with great pics and changes every week!

So why the wait? Grab your copy, it's free on the App Store.

Oh.. and here are some awesome cupcakes that we devoured.

Welcome #hoops as our first weekly feature!

Not long new fellow Instapuzzlers, only one more sleep (well two for the US folk) until we're live on the App Store.  In addition to playing with your own photos did you know that you can also challenge yourself with our weekly feature? No?? Well then read on!

In conjunction with playing with your own super duper photos, photos your friends have taken or photos you've liked you can also choose from a set of photos that we've selected from the gazillion Insagrams out on the Internet. We've sweated over every pixel, whether it be filtered in Hefe or Earlybird (but maybe not Gotham) to maximise enjoyment while keeping you budding young puzzlers on your toes. Don't get too attached to these photos though - we change the set weekly!

To kick things off we've chosen a basketball theme to celebrate the NBA Playoffs. Enjoy!

Available on the App Store on May 22

Grab a permanent marker and make a big fat blotch next to May 22 on your calendar as that's the day Instapuzzle will be available on the App Store!

Instapuzzle is a simple yet fun iPhone app that turns your Instagrams into puzzles. Check out this cool seven second teaser below:

Like what you see? Well good news is Instapuzzle will be available as a free download so make sure you grab it on the App Store come May 22.

For press enquiries or anyone seeking more infomation feel free to head over to our press section. In the meantime why not follow us on Twitter to get the low down the second it hits the store!